We have a teapot

In the kitchen cupboard is a teapot. A nice simple white china teapot. I drive the economy by not using it.

Next to it is a designer glass plunger teapot (next to the designer glass plunger coffee-maker).

Most of the time we use tea-bags. My grandmother would never have stopped to tea-bags. And she was right - the teapot makes a better cuppa. But I only use the china teapot as a special treat, to demonstrate to myself that life is so leisurely I can spare the time to warm it first, boil twice as much water, pour the tea, and clean it afterwards.

And the designer one only comes out for visitors. My grandmother had a teapot for visitors too. A slightly fancier simple china teapot. There was a silver tea service but that was never used, unless the priest or MP came to visit. And the silver tea service was passed down to the next generation: we've broken two glass teapots already in ten years of marriage.

So most days I drink lack-lustre tea made from tea-bags. I support tea-bag-making and designer-teapot-making industries that my grandmother didn't. I work twice as long as my grand-father to pay for the tea-bags that I use because I work too much to have the time to make better tea in the simple china teapot like my grandmother used.